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Enjoy Life And Peace In Aarhus

Visiting exotic and crowded destinations can undoubtedly be fun and exciting, but not all of us are looking for more chaos in our lives. If you’re among those who wish to spend their vacation in a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing environment, here is a destination you’ll immediately fall in love with. Aarhus is small college town located in western Denmark, ... Read More »

The Hague – The Serious Side Of The Netherlands

When someone mentions the Netherlands, the first that pops into the minds of most people is Amsterdam. Although the country’s capital is interesting and fun, there is still a place in the Netherlands that bears a more serious connotation – The Hague. This is city is often avoided by travelers, which are usually turned away by The Hague’s International Criminal ... Read More »

Revisit The Past In Porto

Portugal has been a very attractive destination for some time now. From perfect beaches and coastlines, to the impressive architecture of its cities, this European country is what most travelers are looking for when they want to go on vacation. But if you thought that all of Portugal’s beauty can be found in its capital Lisbon, Porto is here to ... Read More »

Owning A Second Home In Italy On A Small Budget

Owning property overseas has been a dream of many real estate enthusiasts for years. If you are considering investing in Italy, this article discusses some of the things you need to know to protect your interests and get your dream second home. Buying property in Italy as a foreigner is allowed, so that’s one thing you can cross off your ... Read More »

Park Güell: An Inspirational Masterpiece

Globe trotters and travel novices alike all enjoy a certain number of places around the globe, and Park Güell is most definitely one of those places. One of Gaudi’s major works in Barcelona, Park Güell is a park that stretches across 42 acres of land located on Carmel Hill. When a rich Catalonian industrialist by the name of Eusebi Güell ... Read More »

A Trip To London You’ll Never Forget

London, like Paris or New York, is not only one of the coolest cities to visit, but there are a million different ways to visit and experience it every time you go. With so many things to see in the city center, it is easy to spend all your time in the tourist crowds and never set foot into London’s ... Read More »

The Mystery Of The Pyramids

Pyramids. Egypt, Cairo

When you think of Egypt, you don’t think of the Nile, the desert of the cats. You, as every other normal person, think of the Pyramids of Giza. As one of the top attractions in Egypt and the last remaining wonder of the original Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids are a recognizable symbol of both history and mystery. ... Read More »

Interesting Unknown Facts About Sydney Opera House

The Opera House has always been an Australian icon, and a worldwide recognizable building. In spite of that, some facts about it are not so commonly known. The Design In 1956, the New South Wales Government held an international design competition for a national opera house at Bennelong Point, Sydney. The requirements were for two performance halls – one for ... Read More »

Interesting Facts About The Eiffel Tower

125 years ago, on April 1st, the Eiffel Tower was officially completed in Paris after 2 years, 2 months, and 5 days of construction, as the gateway for the 1889 World’s Fair in honor of the 100th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. As it is one of the most recognizable monuments ever, it is advisable to know some ... Read More »

The Most Wonderful Destinations On Cyprus

Laying low in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a beautiful island whose time is yet to come. A combination of religions, languages, Turkish and Greek culture, old island life with beach-clubbing…Cyprus is a true melting pot. And the first of its kind! Think of it as Ibiza with the history of Athens and Istanbul. Limassol Limassol is the second largest ... Read More »