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Celebrity Travel Hot Spots

Lake Como, Italy

Celebs are people too, and they don’t run on batteries. When they need relaxation and time off, the world is their oyster. They can go wherever they want; the world’s most exotic beaches, luxurious resorts and exclusive nightlife are all at their disposal. But naturally, they prefer some places over others. If you want to have a vacation like a ... Read More »

Traveling To Chile 101

Although Chile is slowly but steadily become South America’s core, it’s still not as visited as it should be. In case you wanted to travel to this wonderful and beautiful country, here are a couple of things you’ll definitely need to know. Affordability At Its Finest One might say Chile is a slim country due to its shape – the ... Read More »

Places With Similar Names

Antigua, Barbuda and Antigua,Guatemala

After numerous occasions when people ended up in Grenada instead of Granada in the last couple of years, due to airline booking mix-ups and plain old misunderstandings, we started thinking about other destinations that sound the same but are totally different places. So, pick you places carefully and make it clear to the airlines where you actually want to go. ... Read More »

Edinburgh – A City Of Pubs And Ghosts

Although Scotland is best known for quilts, lakes, and Loch Ness monster, it’s actually Edinburgh that shows how great this country can be. This city has been considered as Scotland’s “capital” for over 500 years, mostly because it is home to the Scottish Parliament, but also because of the many things it has to offer. A Variety Of Prices We ... Read More »

Seville – Experience Spain Like Never Before

Many people consider Spain to be the fiery, intense, exotic core of Europe. And while the main attractions can be found in Barcelona, Madrid, and Majorca, there is another spot that will let you experience the essence of the country without the distractions of modern life. This spot is Seville, a city located at the very south of Spain, dedicated ... Read More »

Queenstown – Your Own Getaway Spot

New Zealand is known for many things. From their love of rugby to serving as a set to the famous “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, this country certainly did its part to put itself on the map. When you visit New Zealand, it’s only a matter of time before you realize there are so many things you want to see ... Read More »

Meet The Mayan Culture Of San Ignacio

If there is something Central America is known for, it’s the amount of historical and cultural artifacts. Belize, which resides between Mexico and Guatemala, is one of the biggest destinations in the region. But when it comes to history, one of its towns stands above the others – San Ignacio. Also known as Cayo, this place is a perfect spot ... Read More »

The Secret Haven Of Sorrento

The lives of most people on the planet are very busy ones. The fast pace of life is easy to get used to, but it can take quite a toll on us if we can’t take a break from all obligations, necessities, and chores. That’s why each and every one of us needs to get away from the beehive that ... Read More »

Paris: Overrated Or Not?

Paris is in your bucket list, and you know it. Whether it’s because you think it’s perfect and want to bask in its perfection or because you think it’s actually awful and want to tell everyone you were right (ha!), you just have to see it for yourself. The question of the hour is: is Paris overrated? City of love? ... Read More »