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Nova Scotia – The Friendliest Place On The Planet

Canadians are generally known for their hospitality and politeness. They always say ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, and it has been proven over and over again how hard it can be to argue with someone from Canada. However, there is one place in Canada that can put the rest of the country to shame. This place is Nova Scotia, and if ... Read More »

Get Back To College Days In Galway

When you’re planning a trip that will take you to the wildest parties and the most crowded places, your goal is probably reminding yourself of youthful days, when the only thing you really cared about is having fun. Most people would pick exotic beaches and busy cities in order to fulfill this goal, but there is another, much more subtle ... Read More »

Lithuania – Europe’s Diamond In The Rough

Lithuania is a country of lakes, hills, dunes, castles and forests, and it is one of many hidden gems of northern Europe. With one of its sides touching the Baltic shore and with its gorgeous capital Vilnius, which is one of most enchanting cities you’ll ever see, Lithuania definitely has much to offer. History Lesson Their independence came right after ... Read More »

The Amazing Iceland

Located in the Atlantic Ocean between Scandinavia and America, this awesome island has managed to build quite an impressive tourist reputation. Despite its financial collapse during the global economic crisis, Iceland’s unique natural wonders of “fire and ice” have been attracting many visitors throughout the years. Two Sides of the same Coin The breathtaking dualism of this destination mirrors in ... Read More »

Manchester Terror Attacks 2017: Is It Safe To Travel To UK?


After the horrible terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert this week, and with deadly attacks just outside of London’s Parliament several months back, many US citizens (and other possible visitors from across the globe) are now wondering how safe Britain is at the moment. Since the police in London and across the UK are treating these attacks as “acts ... Read More »

This Is Why Belgium Doesn’t Deserve The ‘Boring’ Tag

Belgium is definitely one of Europe’s most underrated travel destinations. This country offers the most quality beer and chocolate in the world, but Belgium is much more than that. First-time visitors naturally first check out the food and drinks, but you simply mustn’t stop there. While you eat some of the finest chocolate products out there and drink the famous ... Read More »

Visiting Europe’s Hidden Gem – Croatia

Since it occupies a huge stretch of the mesmerizing Adriatic coastline, Croatia is definitely one of Europe’s top seaside destinations. With more than 1,100 islands and breath-taking rocky beaches, the country is known for its transparent waters and picturesque scenery. However, Croatia is much more than islands, sea shore and sunshine, as it also offers a vivid glimpse into Europe’s ... Read More »

Why You Should Visit Venezuela Immediately

If you choose to pay a visit to this feisty South American nation, you are in for a treat. Discover Venezuela’s extraordinary diversity and exuberant natural beauty by exploring this land of revered Andean peaks, wildlife rich rainforests, and vibrant cities. Caracas Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, is the beating heart of this country. Hillside favelas, aged colonial buildings and glistening skyscrapers ... Read More »

20 Terrifying Bridges People Actually Use

To paraphrase “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams, “the goal of every good engineer is to do very little in their careers, and if you must build something, just hope it doesn’t hurt anyone.” Of course, that’s selling short some very talented engineers who should be given great credit for figuring out innovative ways of getting us to cross previously un-crossable terrain ... Read More »

25 Places You Must Visit Before They Disappear

More than likely, you’ve heard the phrase “The Seven Wonders of the World.” But did you know that all but one of these spectacular ancient wonders have disappeared from the face of the earth? The original seven wonders were considered the lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt; the statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece; the hanging gardens of Babylon in Iraq; ... Read More »