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15 Most Thrilling Theme Park Attractions in the World

1) Insanity, Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A. Insanity take riders up the 1,149-foot Stratosphere Tower, extends them 40 feet away from the observation deck on safe little platforms and secured seats. Then it angles them at 70 degrees so the riders are now facing down to really see the 900 feet drop below them. Just when the false sense of security ... Read More »

15 Most Amazing Theme Parks on the Planet

A visit to the theme park is a summer time staple here in the US and for many foreign and domestic travelers they are a must see destination as well. But the theme park craze isn’t just an American pastime, instead this love of rides, games, food and fun has become an international hit spanning the world. If you’re thinking ... Read More »

What’s Cooking On Cook Islands?

Looking for some tranquility, sunshine and sandy beaches? Look no further, Cook Islands is your next destination. Dozens of beautiful sandy islands are waiting for you in the South Pacific. Thousands of visitors go there to feel the peace and calm of pristine beaches and sparkling waters of Cook Islands’ two most popular beaches – Muri Lagoon and Titikaveka. Even ... Read More »

Visiting Guam

Guam is a secluded and not so popular tropical paradise, but in that very seclusion lies the beauty of this vibrant destination. Sandy beaches and mysterious coral reefs will attract all sun-loving visitors, while historic architecture deep inland allures tourists who appreciate and respect the island’s legacy. Stunning buildings of Hagatna, Guam’s bustling capital will take your breath away, while ... Read More »

Nepal – The Roof Of The World

Since Nepal is officially the highest country on our planet, it was nicknamed and often referred to as the roof of the world. Its main attraction is, of course, Mount Everest and other magnificent snow-covered mountains which cut through the clouds and disappear into the heavens. Visitors from all around the world come here to experience the rare opportunity to ... Read More »

The Rare Beauty Of Malawi

If you are into unique scenery, rare wildlife, magnificent valleys, evergreen forests and stunning waterfalls, a trip to Malawi will definitely be worth your while. High plateaus and many national parks are central places and activities of many tourists each year. With their unspoiled settings safe from tarmac, concrete and city crowd, visitors come here to experience the natural surroundings ... Read More »

The Colorful Curaçao

Visit Curaçao and experience this vibrant mix of cultures – from the colonial Dutch architecture, to the delicious Creole cuisine. The island offers numerous UNESCO heritage sites, especially in the capital of Willemstad with its many museums, pastel-colored houses and cobblestone plazas. On the other hand, or should we say side, one can enjoy the island’s rolling desert plains which ... Read More »

Visiting St Maarten

This beckoning Caribbean resort, placed in the former Netherlands Antilles and lined with delicious coastline, attracts thousands of sun-loving tourists each year. The most popular and prominent physical feature in St Maarten is an extinct volcano of Mount Flagstaff, however, visitors come here mainly to the stunning sandy beaches that follow the south and west coasts. Amazing shopping opportunities at ... Read More »

Niue – The Idyllic Retreat

If you are looking for a laidback, friendly and beautiful escape from the modern world, the secluded island of Niue is definitely a place to consider. Adventurous visitors enjoy the island’s rugged coastline, crystal clear waters and coral reefs, not despite its remote location, but because of it. Located 1,500 miles (2,400 kilometers) northeast of New Zealand within the triangle ... Read More »

Hidden Beauties Of Panama

Though fine cigars, straw hats and the famous ship canal are the first things that crop up in your mind when you think of Panama, this Central American state has much more to offer. Wildlife-rich rainforests, exotic native communities, stunning promenades, Miami-like beaches, surprisingly lush volcanoes and the intact wilderness are the real hidden beauties of Panama. When thousands of ... Read More »