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Top 5 Most Stunning European Cities To Visit This Spring

Spring has already arrived and all true travelers and adventurers are preparing for their next endeavor. If you are running out of ideas when it comes to USA travel destinations, maybe it’s time to spread your wings a little bit wider and fly across the pond to visit Europe. Spring in Europe somehow seems more appealing than any other time ... Read More »

Travelling To Guinea

The Republic of Guinea found itself among some pretty exotic countries – Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia and Sierra Leone – but Guinea also has much to offer. The Undisturbed Countryside Country’s main attraction is its pristine and undisturbed countryside. The stunning landscape offers alluring mountains, adventurous plains, exciting savannahs and mystical forest, while the three great rivers of ... Read More »

Visiting Bermuda Islands

When someone says the word Bermuda, two things can spring to mind – the eighties fashion phenomenon or the mesmerizing collection of islands that beckon you from a far. The great thing is that the two actually go hand in hand. Brief History Lesson Bermuda was first discovered by Juan de Bermudez, a Spanish sailor, in 1505, but was later ... Read More »

2014’s Hottest Travel Hotspot? Iran!

Do you prefer visiting travel destinations before they become trendy? And are you also the adventurous type — someone who loves to discover authentic cultures and amazing sites?  Then you’ll want to pack your bags and head quickly to Iran. According to the Financial Times, Iran was recently named by travel industry leaders as the world’s next top destination for 2014. ... Read More »

Why You Should Visit Cyprus Immediately

The birthplace of Aphrodite, sandy Mediterranean beaches, ancient monasteries, classical ruins, thyme scented mountains, terracotta houses, party resorts – in one word – Cyprus. Being the crossroads between Europe and Asia, this country is a unique and unusual blend of different cultures. The ancient empire-builders left behind an amazing plethora of historical relics: ancient Greek and Roman ruins, Crusader castles, ... Read More »

Visiting Fiji

This tropical paradise of beautiful beaches, blue lagoons and swaying palm trees will most definitely put a smile on your face and make you forget all the work-related problems, even for a moment. Stunning sunsets, breathtaking waterfalls, awesome surf beaches, and to top all that, mesmerizingly pristine rain forests, draw thousands of tourists to its shores each year. Consisting of ... Read More »

10 Trips That Will Transform You and the World Around You

Out of all the destinations in the world, visit 10 locations and change yourself, the world and the future. How? Each of these locations impacts you physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially or environmentally. Doesn’t that sound good? Then, learn more and start planning your next trip today. 1) Build Relationships in Western Australia The western third of Australia offers everything from ... Read More »

Singapore – Your Next Destination

Unusual blend of Asian cultures, remnants of the British colonial 19th-century architecture and a constant drive for modern progress, make the city-state of Singapore one of the hottest travel destinations of that part of the globe. Multicultural Its reputation for being a clean, safe, but boring and dull country has slowly faded away as today’s Singapore is a high-tech metropolis ... Read More »

Why You Should Visit Kenya Immediately

From aardvarks, lions and leopards, to zebras, this East Africa’s safari destination is home to them all. Add more than 40 national parks and nature reserves, Lake Victoria and the India Ocean, and you get one of the dreamiest landscapes imaginable. Safari Wildlife safari is definitely the fulcrum of Kenyan tourism. You can choose from jeeps and buses, to light ... Read More »

Visiting Laos

Feeling as adventurous as Indiana Jones? If yes, then you should definitely check out Laos, officially The Lao People’s Democratic Republic. This mountainous land is swamped by jungles, remote tribal villages, while those ancient Buddhist caves which hide many a secret are waiting for you to raid and unravel them. Placed between popular Thailand and always interesting Vietnam, one might ... Read More »