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Coming Decade as a New Golden Era for Travel

Despite the dire warnings that arrived in the aftermath of September 11th, most individuals remain intent on exploring the world around them. This means flying on planes, boarding cruise ships and traveling by train to their favorite destinations. Based on the latest research, people from all over the world will continue to catch and maintain the travel bug, spurring record ... Read More »

Largest Aquarium on Earth Sets 5 Guinness World Records

China continues to ramp up its tourist appeal with the construction of a variety of theme parks and shopping centers that are much larger and flashier than the American and European versions upon which they are modeled. The latest in this series of tourist destinations is Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, an aquarium that takes land-based ocean exploration to a whole new ... Read More »

2014’s Hottest Travel Hotspot? Iran!

Do you prefer visiting travel destinations before they become trendy? And are you also the adventurous type — someone who loves to discover authentic cultures and amazing sites?  Then you’ll want to pack your bags and head quickly to Iran. According to the Financial Times, Iran was recently named by travel industry leaders as the world’s next top destination for 2014. ... Read More »

10 Trips That Will Transform You and the World Around You

Out of all the destinations in the world, visit 10 locations and change yourself, the world and the future. How? Each of these locations impacts you physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially or environmentally. Doesn’t that sound good? Then, learn more and start planning your next trip today. 1) Build Relationships in Western Australia The western third of Australia offers everything from ... Read More »