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Tokyo – The Ultimate Modern Experience

After the Japanese Empire and the samurai, Japan has changed completely. Once a land of tradition, Japan has now become a beehive of business and tourism, with its center in its capitol, Tokyo. From the high-tech city architecture to the imperial palace, Tokyo truly represents a fusion of the old and the new. This city is one of those places ... Read More »

Switzerland – Rich Man’s Paradise

The fact the Switzerland is the country with the highest standards in Europe certainly means that a trip to the land of watches and chocolate is going to be expensive. But it’s also worth the money spent. With some of the best skiing and snowboarding resorts, and being the safest country with the nicest people make Switzerland a place to ... Read More »

Sydney – The Oceanside Metropolis

Whether you’re searching for tropical beaches, wine regions or culturally and ethnically diverse experience, Sydney, a.k.a. Harbor City is the place for you. Even though it doesn’t have the title of Australia’s capitol, Sydney is the biggest and most visited city in Australia. And it’s for a good reason. Beaches And Hostels Sydney’s main attractions are its sandy, iconic beaches. ... Read More »

Time For A Snowboarding Trip

Winter vacations are usually associated with skiing and Christmas, but for some of us, snowboarding is the thing to do this winter. For those among you that have an urge for adrenaline, speed, and endless slopes for boarding on, here are some suggestions on where to go and snowboard this winter. The Best Of Europe There are many places and ... Read More »

Costa Rica – The Land Of Hot Springs And Nature

Despite being a small country, Costa Rica boasts over 500,000 plant and animal species, making it one of the most biologically dense and diverse countries in the world. Along with that, it’s very rich in hot springs. These two assets make Costa Rica a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. The Real Deal There aren’t many people in the world ... Read More »

Singapore – The Fusion Of The East And The West

Whenever someone travels to Southeast Asia, the first place they’ll probably arrive to is Singapore. The island nation seems to exit in two worlds at once, as it’s equipped with both historic and newly built hotels, reminding us more of Texas than of the mysterious East. Modern Meets Tradition Besides the sparkling boutiques and department stores, traveling to Singapore has ... Read More »

A Family Christmas Trip

With today’s trend of Christmas celebrations, it can become really hard to pick a spot for a family trip for this wonderful holiday. From ski resorts with traditional celebrations, to cruises in the Caribbean, to unique local destinations in the US – the possibilities are endless. Christmas In The Alps In case you and your family are into skiing and ... Read More »