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Hiking In New Zealand

Hiking New Zelenad /

Even though it’s fall in the US, springtime is just around the corner. To be more precise – it’s in New Zealand. And speaking of springtime, there is no better weather for hiking. With thousands of kilometers of tracks, walking options are available to suit all levels of fitness and experience. Walk one of the day walks for a few ... Read More »

The Dream Beach – Bora Bora

White-sand beaches, emerald waters, tropical valleys colored in blue and green – in short, paradise. These are all present on the island of Bora Bora, a Tahitian resort for people seeking relaxation, romance and pleasure. Romance At Its Finest Bora Bora is considered to be one of the most romantic islands in the world. From the overwhelming scenery to the ... Read More »

Have A Surf In The Sun At The Gold Coast

Australia can either be utterly delightful or a truly unforgiving place. But instead of telling you about all the reasons to avoid this country, we’re going to focus on the former. In that name, we present to you the Gold Coast. A Haven For Your Wallet The Gold Coast is the area east of Brisbane loaded with relaxation and adventures ... Read More »

Journeyman’s Challenge – Fraser Island

When it’s not considered as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Australia can be an unforgiving place. This is perfectly shown on Fraser Island – it baits travelers with its long white sand beaches and freshwater lakes, only to catch them in a web of stupidly high prices. Nonetheless, with enough will and some smart moves ... Read More »

Journeyman’s Challenge – Ukraine

We’re back with yet another destination that isn’t as easy to reach or stay at as most popular vacation places in the world. Last time, we gave our readers a better insight on how hard traveling to Vietnam can be, and now, we’re going to talk about the wonderful, yet unforgiving Ukraine. Financially Undemanding There’s no wiggle room when it ... Read More »