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Sightseeing In Glasgow

As Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow transformed itself from an industrial city to one of Europe’s culture capitals. Although it has a strong shipbuilding heritage, nowadays the city is a true metropolis, a place with an array of attractions and activities for everybody and it is actually the best British shopping destination apart from London. Retail places like Buchannan Street, Argyle ... Read More »

Johannesburg: South Africa’s Misunderstood Child

Although Johannesburg has a bad reputation, it would be a waste not to visit this intriguing city. South Africa’s heartbeat has a lot going for it and with proper information, it could be one of the best activity-full destinations for a vacation. Apartheid Museum This astonishing museum is an absolute must-see and it illustrates the rise and fall of South ... Read More »

Cologne – The Quiet Corner Of Germany

Germany is one of the most important stops for any traveler that sets off to visit Europe. While the country is popular for its beer, its loud yet friendly locals, and the positive atmosphere, there is one place where one could enjoy the German culture while visiting many historical sites in a quiet environment. That place is Cologne, and although ... Read More »

Istanbul: More Than Words

Standing between the East and the West, Turkey’s largest city will bathe your mind in mystique, charm and beauty. Istanbul is a city that that is proud of its cultures and history, and it wears it well. These characteristics blend and make Istanbul an exciting city, a city that has such to offer. It was founded during the Neolithic era, ... Read More »

Granada – Venture Into The Heart Of Spain

We’ll admit that Spain is not the first country that comes to mind when someone says ‘budget travel.’ However, once you look past the most popular cities, like Madrid and Barcelona, you’ll be able to find Granada – a place where rich history and countless scenic roads can coexist with pretty cheap prices. The Budget State Of Mind Many things ... Read More »

Oslo: Go Bankrupt With Style

If you’re basically loaded, just skip this whole intro and after reading this: Oslo is a pretty city. Don’t even think about this one if you don’t have a thing for bankruptcy. Even though it’s often called “the most expensive city in the world,” Oslo does have a bunch of qualities to it. It’s quite easy on the eyes, its ... Read More »

What To Check Out In Berlin Part 1

Berlin is the capital of Germany, and one of the most impressive capitals and cities in general in the world. If you find yourself there, or if you’re planning to go, and you have no idea what to see or you just don’t know where to start first, we’re here to help. There are a bunch of things to be ... Read More »

It’s Always The Right Time To Visit Cork

We can’t deny that Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Rolling green hills, beautiful cliffs, mighty castles, supreme beer – you name it, Ireland has it. However, if there was one place in the whole country that’s amazing no matter what time of year is it, it’s Cork. This is the third-largest city in Ireland ... Read More »