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Feel Royal In Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, the central quarter of the principality of Monaco, is and probably always will be the land of choice for the rich, famous, both and everybody in between. The wealth of the place just screams in your face, so if you like that sort of thing, pack your Louis Vuitton fancy luggage and off you go. The yachts are ... Read More »

Marseilles – The True Taste Of France

Paris is the first place most people would go to if they had a chance to visit France, no questions about it. However, this city has also become something of a cliché which makes people still want to visit France, but at a different location. If you’re one of these people, then Marseilles is the place for you! A Variety ... Read More »

Taupo – The Most Quiet Place In New Zealand

Let’s face it – we all need to get away from the chaos of everyday life once in a while, right? If you’re thinking about vacation, one of the first places that probably popped into your mind was New Zealand. We’ve recently covered the facts about Queenstown, which is basically a prototype getaway spot of the whole country. However, there ... Read More »

Getting Busy In Panama City

When someone says Central America, most of us think of the lush forests in Guatemala, amazing beaches in Brazil, and stunning historical sites in Peru. And then, there’s Panama City. As the shipping and financial hub of the whole region, Panama City doesn’t only serve as a its country’s capital, but also as one of the best places in Central ... Read More »

The History Behind Dracula’s Pad

If you ever found the story of Dracula and his mysterious castle fascinating, visiting Romania’s Transylvania and Poenari Castle is probably in your bucket list. Although many people consider Bran castle the official home of the man behind the Dracula legend, he actually spent only a couple of days there. His real home was Poenari Castle. The story is a ... Read More »

Cameron Highlands – Your Immersive Experience Of Malaysia

Malaysia is a diverse, wonderful place to spend a vacation. From the beaches to the mountaintops, to the endless mass of people buying, selling, and bargaining in the markets, this country can’t really be called ‘dull.’ However, there is one place in Malaysia that features all of the relaxation and none of the busyness. It’s a place of lush forests, ... Read More »

Trinidad, Cuba: Maximize Your Vacation

Trinidad, Cuba was built on the back of the 19th century sugar and slave trade. The enormous, conspicuous wealth that it gained over the years shaped the town. The vainglory of the era can be seen in every Spanish colonial mansion, church, plaza and cobblestoned street, which stands as a testament to thousands of lives that were mistreated in a ... Read More »

Get Down With The Fancy Art In Bristol

When you want to travel but your budget is a bit restricted, there’s no better destination for you than a college town. With cheaper prices and a youthful vibe they give, these places are arguably some of the best spots both the young and the not-so-young can enjoy. And if there was ever a college town that could welcome anyone ... Read More »

Why Should You Visit Alice Springs? Here’s Why!

If you’re keen on exploring, Alice Springs, Australia is the place for you. One of the world’s sunniest places has a lot of things to offer, and spending your vacation there is not something you will regret later. What you will regret, on the other hand, is never visiting this Australian gem. Alice Springs’ Desert Park Get up early, and ... Read More »