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Dive Into The Beauty Of Honduras

If you’re craving for a nice, exotic place where you can retreat in order to have the most perfect and relaxing time ever, all the while your budget remains intact, then Central America is where you should search. And if you really want to narrow it down, your next trip should lead you to Honduras. The Value Of Luxury Honduras ... Read More »

Why Is The Tower In Pisa Leaning To One Side?

Before you head to Pisa, Italy to visit one of the architectural wonders of the world, the Leaning Tower, it would be useful to know why the tower is leaning to one side and how it attracts thousands of tourists every year. The Leaning Tower took nearly 200 years to complete and the works first kicked off in the summer ... Read More »

Travelling To Italy? Make Sure You Visit These Hotspots

One of the most popular travel destinations in the world has a lot to offer, from stunning landscapes, amazing people, awesome fashion, art treasures and top-of-the-class cuisine. If we would dedicate our whole lives to exploring this boot-shaped country, it wouldn’t be enough. But, there is always something that shines the brightest in a bowl full of gems. Be sure ... Read More »

Prague: More Than Beer

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is one of Europe’s gems that shine the brightest. It’s known for beautiful architecture, breathtaking medieval castles, historical wonder and, yes, great beer. Remnants of revolutions and fallen empires are not only seen but felt also, especially in the cobbled streets of the old town. The almost dream-like state of the city ... Read More »

Why You Should Visit Beijing During The 2022 Olympics

Beijing sure loves its Olympics as it has been chosen to host the 2022 Winter Games following the very successful 2008 Summer Olympic Games that the Chinese capital gave to the world. If you’ve never been to Beijing before, the 2022 Winter Olympics might just be the perfect time to visit and get to know this vibrant metropolis at its ... Read More »

Ivory Coast? Definitely!

The Illuminati got nothing on this! Cote d’Ivorie is one of the best kept secrets in the world. It has the most beautiful scenery, beaches, people, architecture and natural settings, but somehow its tourism never really bloomed, which is a shame for the country but great for those travelers who “like to keep it real.” Abidjan, the biggest city in ... Read More »

Kyoto, Japan Voted The Best City To Visit In The World

Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine have voted Kyoto, Japan the best city to visit in 2015. This is the second year in a row that the Japanese gem took the No. 1 spot, this time beating Charleston, South Carolina. Kyoto is a peaceful place with more than 1,000 Buddhist temples scattered around the city, and was also the imperial ... Read More »

Glorious Kyoto And Its Rich History Part 2

Visiting mesmerizing Kyoto? If not, you definitely should. It’s just one of those things that a person must do in his/her lifetime. Get lost in its past and relish in its present. There’s no wonder what the future brings for this city and its heavenly peaceful, but in the same time energizing aura. After the mysterious Zen garden, one should ... Read More »

Glorious Kyoto And Its Rich History Part 1

Kyoto was Japan’s capital for over a thousand years, and that amount of history and energy can’t be looked over just like that, let alone disappear. Remnants of its past glory can be found everywhere, thus creating a city that has a high level of modern-day vibe as well as romantic prudence of the past. Kyoto has one of the ... Read More »

The Best Way To Spend 48 Hours In Prague

What would you do if you only had 48 hours to spend in Prague, Czech Republic? Well, one of the first things to definitely do is have Czech beer. Czech Republic is the biggest consumer of beer per capita, and its residents certainly make some of the best beer in the world. You can find beer in Prague at every ... Read More »