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Wish To Visit Bangkok: Do It Before It Sinks!

If you’ve already been to Bangkok, Thailand you know it’s an enchanting place full of vigor, zest for life and well, tourists. On the other hand, if you haven’t been to the capital of Thailand yet, we suggest you do it quickly as it could soon be submerged under water. Chulalonkorn University’s Itthi Trisirisattayawong reported a sinking rate of close ... Read More »

Europe’s Most Charming: Lisbon


Lisbon is Portugal’s biggest city and its capital, and for good reason too. If we were to judge a country by its capital, Portugal would be the most popular country of them all. There are not many cities that have the charm, atmosphere, vibrancy, energy and pure love for life as Lisbon does. Ah, the people of Lisbon. One would ... Read More »

Live A Posh Lifestyle On A Budget At This Destination

Stretching the budget beyond what is physically possible is a reality for most of us, and all those who are dreaming of making their money go just a little bit further should consider moving to places where the cost of living is low. Especially if those places consist of more than 17,000 picturesque islands, stunning beaches, lovely people and abundance ... Read More »

Spectacular Storming of the Bastille Celebration In Paris

Have you ever seen fireworks in Paris? Probably very few of us have, but given the fact that Paris is the City of Light, fireworks in the capital of France are a spectacular sight for everyone’s eyes. Take the annual July 14th celebration of storming of the Bastille in Paris, for instance. Anyone planning a trip to Paris in the ... Read More »

Mount Fuji Gets Wi-Fi

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, now offers its visitors Wi-Fi and a chance for everyone to post their selfies online without even wasting a second. It seems Wi-Fi is everywhere nowadays, from our homes, offices, parks and even subway stations. But the more it spreads the more we’ll all be obliged by our employers and other people in ... Read More »