Travel Tips

Tips For Preparing For A Long Cycling Ride

Taking a long bike ride can be immensely exiting as it is one of the most time saving and dynamic ways to go sightseeing. In addition, you can also take part in fundraising races with proceeds going to various sorts of research to cure serious illnesses, while also enjoying beautiful scenery and exploring new regions. If you are visiting some ... Read More »

Travelling Over 50: Tips For The Elderly

Thinking of going on an adventure and finally enjoying your retirement, or are you getting ready to see a part of the world that you haven’t seen yet? Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or going solo, there are a few things to always keep in mind. First of all, research and planning ahead are the most important processes of ... Read More »

When In Rome…Do As The Rats Do?

The Trevi fountain in Rome, one of the city’s most popular landmarks, has recently been overrun by rats, thus in case you’re in Rome this summer, be mindful of the little rodents. The fountain is currently being restored and the rats find it a perfect place to set up camp. Trevi hasn’t contained any water since December and the rats ... Read More »

Your Ultimate Travel Gang

Choosing your travelling companions can be as important as picking your travel destination, if not even more so. It’s a task one should never take lightly. You’re supposed to spend days and then some more days with them, often “trapped” in a small place of some sort. Even when you “break free” from the plane, train, bus or car, they ... Read More »

Survive The Overnight Bus Trip

There are numerous pros for travelling by bus on your trip: you’re accommodated while being on the move, it’s an adventure (sort of) and you can save money. However, the journey can be quite challenging, especially if it’s your first time. The key is preparation – be prepared for anything, anytime. This sounds like the overnight bus thing is dangerous; ... Read More »

Baby On Board… On Board: Travelling While Pregnant

Travelling while being pregnant involves a whole set of strict rules, guidelines and challenges. The crucial thing needed is advanced planning. You don’t need to lock yourself in while pregnant, but it is important to realize that every case is different. And of course, you can’t do squat without consulting with your doctor first. While planning a travel trip for ... Read More »

5 Useful Tips For Savvy Senior Travelers

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Senior citizens deserve to travel just as much as youngsters, if not more. They’ve had good runs with their careers and had their fair share of being too busy to live, and now they are packing their bags and buying plane tickets like crazy. And they should. In their retirement years, the elderly see travel as their fountain of youth. ... Read More »

Is Volunteering The Future Of Travel?

We can’t argue with the fact that most of us would go on a trip or vacation just that we could rest, relax, and enjoy a week or two of being care-free. However, those who travel for pleasure a lot tend to find relaxing dull after some time. Mix that with the global economy crisis, and you have volunteering as ... Read More »

Traveling… With Children

Bringing your kids on a vacation can get quite stressful, which kind of kills the whole vacation purpose. Sure, you want to show them the world and you drop them off just anywhere and wave from the car in a “see you in two weeks, we love you” style, but does bringing your kids on a holiday have to be ... Read More »

3 Travel Tips To Save Big Money During Summer 2017 Vacation

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Summer is here and the urge to travel is stronger than ever. According to some Newsroom AAA, over 34% of Americans will be going on a summer trip this year. However, not all travelers have huge budgets. Some will need to stretch theirs as far as possible during this travel season in order to make their vacation possible. In that ... Read More »