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3 Travel Tips To Save Big Money During Summer 2017 Vacation

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Summer is here and the urge to travel is stronger than ever. According to some Newsroom AAA, over 34% of Americans will be going on a summer trip this year. However, not all travelers have huge budgets. Some will need to stretch theirs as far as possible during this travel season in order to make their vacation possible. In that ... Read More »

How To Avoid Being A Typical Tourist In The UK

London UK

We’re going to talk about the typical American tourist in Great Britain. We’ve all seen them; we’ve all felt the embarrassment transferring onto us, while looking at their behavior, while not being in their natural habitat. And in Britain, of all places! They’re pretty easy to spot if you’re looking for them; they’re usually in large groups, near a large ... Read More »

Tight Budget? Here’s Where To Go

While there are people who can sit on a plane and journey to an exotic destination on a whim, there are certainly some among us who consider travel as a form of luxury and privilege. This is mostly because no matter how good your vacation plan is, the economy is something you cannot predict. More often than not, this is ... Read More »

How To Save Money While Traveling

So, you saved up for your vacation but you still want to have some of that money when the vacation’s over? Or are you just that savvy all of the time? Whatever reason it may be, here are a few tricks and tips on how to save up a little while traveling. If you want to save most of your ... Read More »

Climb On The Travel Tips Express: Train Travel

Planning on boarding the choo-choo to reach your vacation destination? It may sound strange in 2014, but some people do prefer travelling by train than by plane or car. Although it takes much longer, it can be more fun, if you plan well, that is. It all may sound easy, but experienced train travelers can tell you it takes work ... Read More »

Becoming A Better Person Through Travel

Some of us use our time off to travel the world in order to visit historical places and monuments, while others go on trips to find peace, relaxation and stress-relief. However, there is another thing traveling can do for you, but you don’t really notice it – self-improvement. Knowingly or not, venturing to different place is something that can turn ... Read More »

What To Bring On A Bike Trip?

Trips get us all sort of excited, but the one thing that will never change is the deepest, most honest hate for packing. It can be stressful and a handful even for a “regular” trip, but for a bike trip? You are in some deep waters. Packing for a bike trip isn’t only hard on the usual “I don’t know ... Read More »

Proper Travel Etiquette For Dummies

With the right attitude, even trips you take on the smallest amount of resources can end up being a blast. However, if your manners are out of place, you perfectly planned vacation on the lush beaches of the most exotic island can be ruined. The moral of the story: learn how to behave. In case you aren’t quite sure what ... Read More »

Public Transport: How To Sleep While Traveling

Although most people absolutely adore traveling, they necessarily don’t adore every single aspect of it. The lack of sleep can be a huge problem, and it mostly has to do with the fact that public transport isn’t as comfy as they like to advertise it. Summer is on our threshold and with it the ultimate travel time of the year, ... Read More »

The Importance Of Being Prepared

Trips used to be as simple as packing a bag, sitting in a car, and driving away into the unknown. But nowadays, everything about travelling has become very complicated, and it usually involves a lot of planning and reservations. However, there is a way of venturing on a journey without all that. The key to this is being prepared, and ... Read More »