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Working Out While Traveling – It’s A Thing! (Part 2)

Going on a vacation but you want to maintain your workout routine and exercise plan? Here are some useful suggestions on how to fit in an effective workout while you are travelling. Your Room is a Gym If your hotel or resort you are staying in does not include workout facilities, take the opportunity to try something new that does ... Read More »

Working Out While Traveling – It’s A Thing! (Part 1)

Going on a vacation but you want to maintain your workout routine and exercise plan? Here are some useful suggestions on how to fit in an effective workout while you are travelling. Taking Advantage of Hotel Resources If you are staying in a resort or hotel, make sure you ask the concierge about the exercise facilities available on the premises, ... Read More »

How To Avoid Losing Your Luggage

One of the things that can make your travelling experience unpleasant is damaged or lost luggage. Some statistics say that more luggage is being lost now than ever before, and it’s quite a nightmare for both, the airlines and us passengers. In order to prevent this, we have come up with some helpful tips on how to avoid and prevent ... Read More »

10 Ways You Can Cut Lines When You Travel

1) City Pass If you are going to any big cities in North America for your travels look into the City Pass. Available in 11 locations—New York, Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Southern California, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle and Houston—the City Pass offers a range of benefits. While not available in every city at this time, keep the site ... Read More »

15 Tips for Planning a Great Summer Road Trip

One of the greatest things about living in such a large country like the US is the fact that there are so many great options when it comes to planning an awesome summer road trip. Whether your trip lasts for 3 days or 3 months you are bound to meet plenty of great people, take in breathtaking sights and make ... Read More »

12 Facts to Keep in Mind before Staying in a Hostel

1) Women Only Women travelers who are in groups or going solo often look at security in lodging as a big issue. For hostels, it can seem threatening to know you might be staying in a dorm room with 21 male rugby players on a mission to get and stay drunk for their entire stay. Therefore it is cool to ... Read More »

Don’t Let Airplane Jitters Ground You: 10 Tips for Nervous Flyers

A fear of flying—or “pteromerhanophobia,” as it’s euphoniously known—afflicts countless people. Air travel has been standard since the mid-20th century, and the modern industry boasts an impressive safety record. Yet the actual process of flying in an airplane is still a head-spinning and astounding one when you think about it—surging at hundreds of miles per hour five or six miles ... Read More »

Summer Europe Cruise Price Drop + Kids Cruise Free!

Cruise season 2014 is just around the corner and it is time for all of you thrifty and savvy travelers to start making your reservations. This season there are several awesome deals going on that are great for the whole family including 6 top of the line Royal Caribbean International cruise options where the kids can cruise for free in ... Read More »

Boomerang Voyage: New Hot Deal for Savvy Travelers

If you are looking for a cruise ship trip that is far from ordinary a Boomerang Voyage may be the answer to your prayers. These exclusive and one of a kind cruise trips are offered to the most elite guests in the world in order to satisfy the demand for increasingly more creative and luxurious vacation options. Cruise Specialists, the ... Read More »

20 Solutions for Terrible Mishaps That Can Ruin Your Vacation

You’ve saved and skimped for that big vacation and now suddenly you’re standing at the airport watching your flight take off without you. Or instead of lying on a stretch of beautiful white sand, you’re in a fetal position on your bed, clutching your stomach in pain. Travel gremlins, they’re everywhere, and you just never know when they’ll strike next. ... Read More »