Travel Tips

Camping Made Easy

Sometimes we want to go camping, but don’t know how to properly prepare for such a trip. The benefits are plenty: stress relief, health improvement, or just hanging out with your buddies in the wild. But having a safe, comfortable and exciting experience is second only preparing adequately so you don’t run into any sort of trouble while camping. And ... Read More »

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Romantic Getaways

Romantic Gateway

In the process of navigating an unfamiliar place and sticking to a budget, travelers sometimes find romance giving way to practicality. Despite the toils of traveling, finding a little flirtation on the road isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There’s no need to spend weeks planning the perfect trip or persuading foreign hotel staff to leave rose petals on ... Read More »

The Ultimate Journeyman’s Checklist

Everyone likes different things, and travel isn’t an exception to this. But no matter where you’re going or how soon your trip is, you’ll be much more prepared if you make a checklist. That’s why today we wanted to give our readers a few tips on what absolutely must make the list and how to go though it without forgetting ... Read More »

Tips For India First-Time Travelers

India is an amazing out-of-the-ordinary country. Because it can be quite a cultural shock, you might want to get your head around a few things before you get there. Food And Drinks It’s not a strange occurrence for a tourist in India to have some stomach issues. You shouldn’t altogether avoid street food, but try to stick to peeled fresh ... Read More »