Travel Tips

Eating Cheap While Traveling 101

Some say any trip is great as long as you stay relaxed and down to earth, while other claim you can only enjoy traveling when you’re sure every little detail has been taken care of. Either way, embarking on a journey is a multi-layered task and requires more than just your good will. One of the most important layers in ... Read More »

Prepare For A Trip To Scandinavia

Contemplating on a trip to Scandinavia? Whether it’s Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, or all of the above, you will quite possibly have an experience which will amaze you beyond your imagination. This dreamy, almost fairytale-like part of the world has a lot to offer. To be prepared, read up on some tips. The Best Time To Visit Scandinavia The busiest ... Read More »

What To Do When You Get Sick On The Road

It’s not uncommon for a disaster to strike while you’re traveling. Whether it’s a delayed flight or losing your wallet along with your money and documents, many things that happen on a trip can ruin your experience. Getting sick on the road is probably one of the worst among those things, as it can literally turn you from a hyped ... Read More »

Baby-Friendly Vacation Options

So, you’re in the mood to ditch your town for a couple of days and go chill somewhere now that your family’s newest addition has grown enough to go and see the world. However, you soon realize that that may sound easier than it actually is. Don’t worry, we’ve got you and your bundle of joy covered. If you want ... Read More »

Hurricane-Proof Hot Spots For A Totally Dry Vacation Part 1

Did you plan an awesome vacation only to realize that your destination of choice is going to get hit by a hurricane? Naturally, you cancel your vacation with hope that you’ll get at least some of your money back and that the locals don’t get hurt. Hurricanes shouldn’t be taken lightly, but as you plan your next trip, we advise ... Read More »

How Not To Offend People In Russia

Russia is a beautiful huge country with lots of culture and history. The people are friendly and approachable, but of course, you should know about a few things that they will find offensive. Take Off Your Shoes When entering a Russian home, take off your shoes. The host will probably provide some tapochki or slippers to wear. Streets in Russia, ... Read More »

Going To Japan? Try Not To Offend Someone

The Japanese are very polite and manner-conscious so many people are somewhat scared to visit this beautiful country because they don’t want to offend someone. Japanese are actually pretty forgiving of foreigners and do not get offended by little things. However, some things cannot be overlooked. Names Add “-san” as an honorific at the end of people’s names. If you ... Read More »

Be Prepared: Do Not Make These First-Time Traveler Mistakes Part 3

You’ve finally decided to leave your county and go explore the world, and you’re feeling really excited to see everything that the world has to offer. Or at least that destination you chose. However, there’s a huge issue here: as a first-time traveler, you’re are prone to make some mistakes due to your inexperience – mistakes which could jeopardize all ... Read More »