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The Big Apple: A Big Deal

In 99% of bucket lists of people worldwide (all nationalities, races, sexual orientation, subcultures and hipster affiliation included), you will find a visit to New York City. It is so common that one begins to ask “What’s the big deal with NYC anyway?” Does anyway know? And no, “It’s so awesome, man” is not a valid answer. To find out ... Read More »

Discovery Trail, Washington – A Cyclist’s Paradise

The Discovery Trail in Washington is one of the most breathtaking trails in the Pacific Northwest featuring sand dunes, views of the ocean and gentle woods. One of the most picturesque trails on the West Coast, you will find pieces of art along the way, as well as bald eagles, shorebirds and deer if you’re lucky. The Discovery Trail is ... Read More »

Visiting The Field Museum in Chicago

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago is a perfect place for anyone looking to go sightseeing in downtown Chicago without having to deal with extremely humid or cold weather. The Field Museum offers exhibits from all over the world and explores evolution from different perspectives. The Field Museum is one of the rare places where your children will ... Read More »

Taking The Architecture Tour in Chicago

When in Chicago, take the architecture boat tour for a one-of-a-kind experience of the city’s downtown core and an introduction to history, architecture and the emergence of the current hustle and bustle synonymous with the Windy City. You`ll find the architecture boat tours departing from the Wendella Dock at Trump Tower with prices ranging from $31-$46 for 75 to 90 ... Read More »

What’s So Great About Miami?

When travelers ponder on which USA city to visit, Miami has to be in the top 5. And although everyone wants to visit Miami in one point of their life or another, does anyone actually know why? So if you need some arguments for your visitation to this hot, sizzling city, look no further! First of all, you have the ... Read More »

Visiting NYC: Non-Touristy Things You Can Do

Dumbo, New York

New York is probably in the top 5 of most famous cities around the globe, and that’s well deserved. The Dream City has so much to offer, to natives and tourists alike; but if you’re one of those visitors that don’t like to do the obvious tourist things, here are a few suggestions. Really getting to know the soul of ... Read More »

New Orleans: The Voodoo Capital Of America

No other city has that temperamental, saucy flavor like New Orleans. Located in southeastern Louisiana, New Orleans is one of the major ports in the States and is well-known across the world for numerous things: the phenomenal mix of French and African cuisine, for it being the birthplace of jazz, for its annual festivals and celebrations (the most-known being Mardi ... Read More »

Fun Under The American Sun: Palm Springs

We bet you never met a person who didn’t think that Palm Springs was at least OK. The majority of people don’t share opinions on many things, but they do on one thing, for certain, and that’s the opinion that Palm Springs is just awesome! Why is that, you ask? Here are a few reasons (which don’t have anything to ... Read More »

Watch Mexico’s Ex-President HILARIOUSLY Remind Trump They Won’t Pay For The Wall

The colorful, flamboyant and apparently extremely hilarious former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, has just made a brilliantly sarcastic video in which he reminds Donald Trump that they won’t be paying for his ridiculously insulting border wall. Since President Trump has been talking about many different things lately, and even left the Paris Agreement, it appears that almost everyone ... Read More »

15 Best Places To Retire In Florida

Florida has long been regarded as a popular retirement destination, thanks, in part, to its warm weather and abundance of recreational opportunities. Not every city is ideal for retirees however, with some proving too loud, too crowded or too crime-riddled to keep senior residents happy. If you’re planning on retiring in the near future, your best bet is to move ... Read More »