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Visiting NYC: Non-Touristy Things You Can Do

Dumbo, New York

New York is probably in the top 5 of most famous cities around the globe, and that’s well deserved. The Dream City has so much to offer, to natives and tourists alike; but if you’re one of those visitors that don’t like to do the obvious tourist things, here are a few suggestions. Really getting to know the soul of ... Read More »

New Orleans: The Voodoo Capital Of America

No other city has that temperamental, saucy flavor like New Orleans. Located in southeastern Louisiana, New Orleans is one of the major ports in the States and is well-known across the world for numerous things: the phenomenal mix of French and African cuisine, for it being the birthplace of jazz, for its annual festivals and celebrations (the most-known being Mardi ... Read More »

Fun Under The American Sun: Palm Springs

We bet you never met a person who didn’t think that Palm Springs was at least OK. The majority of people don’t share opinions on many things, but they do on one thing, for certain, and that’s the opinion that Palm Springs is just awesome! Why is that, you ask? Here are a few reasons (which don’t have anything to ... Read More »

15 Best Places To Retire In Florida

Florida has long been regarded as a popular retirement destination, thanks, in part, to its warm weather and abundance of recreational opportunities. Not every city is ideal for retirees however, with some proving too loud, too crowded or too crime-riddled to keep senior residents happy. If you’re planning on retiring in the near future, your best bet is to move ... Read More »

Guam: American Exotic Island You Didn’t Know About

It’s a tropical island paradise that an American won’t need a passport to visit. Hawaii? Nope. Puerto Rico? No, again. The exotic island is Guam. And if you’re scratching your head wondering where Guam is, you’re probably not alone. This American territory, which is located in Micronesia, has been off of most people’s travel radars for a long time. But ... Read More »

The World’s Highest Ferris Wheel Opens in Vegas

Las Vegas lays claim to some of the most entertaining and controversial shows, bars and gambling opportunities in the world. These attractions make Sin City the perfect destinations for young adults, but they also tend to drive away family vacationers. This lack of family-friendly appeal is changing however, with attractions such as M&M’s World and the Adventuredome proving increasingly popular ... Read More »

Death Valley Comes to Life in the Spring

When spring arrives, it’s as though the reset button has been activated in Death Valley. The landscape, climate, environment, plants, and wildlife all “spring” forward with new growth. For anyone new to the scenic desert, it’s overwhelming but in a good way. With miles of sand, scenery, mountain vistas, and historic locations, a visit to the valley creates permanently etched ... Read More »

The Most Beautiful And Ugly Cities In America

The United States is home to several gorgeous cities, but unfortunately, for every locale with splendid parks and amazing architecture, another exists in which the only identifiable feature is industrial waste. The following are a few of the most spectacular and most horrendously ugly cities in America: 1) Bend, Oregon – BEST The Pacific Northwest is home to many attractive ... Read More »