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Celebrity Travel Hot Spots

Photo credit: St. Tropez, Caribian Sea

Photo credit: St. Tropez, Caribian SeaFlickr

Celebs are people too, and they don’t run on batteries. When they need relaxation and time off, the world is their oyster. They can go wherever they want; the world’s most exotic beaches, luxurious resorts and exclusive nightlife are all at their disposal. But naturally, they prefer some places over others.

If you want to have a vacation like a worldly acknowledged star, book a trip to one of these travel hot spots.

We’re starting off with a place that will surely make you feel some holiday love – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Apart from the World Cup, Rio was always a destination that a lot of people had in their bucket list, celebrities not excluded. Madonna, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, Gerard Butler and others kept on coming back to this sizzling, sexy place. Everyday’s a carnival there!

If you’re a fan of the Carter-Knowles family, you know that one of their top destinations is St. Barts. This glamorous Caribbean island has an outlandish nightlife and out-of-this-world scenery. Not to mention you can dock your yacht at the glistening port and wave to your dock neighbor, Jessica Alba. How’s it going, Jess?

Photo credit: Lake Como, Italy

Photo credit: Lake Como, Italy Flickr

Party maniacs know this place by heart, and those who still don’t are probably planning on selling a kidney to go there. St. Tropez is not a place for saints, but the parties are sure heavenly! GO, hang-out at Club 55, the most over-the-top beach club and stand in the bathroom line with Rihanna, Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise. We dread the day that this Cote d’Azur seaport ceases to be the “it” spot.

George Clooney’s besties know where they can find him in the holiday season – Lake Como, Italy. He loves it so much he’s even considering to get married here. The oceanfront line of 18th century villas is quite picturesque and if any scenery could kill you because it’s so darn relaxing, this is probably it.

Necre Island, Richard Branson’s 74 acre private island has been the “it” spot for celebs who wanted nothing but privacy on their holidays. The fire damage from 2011 is long gone, so you might as well lounge there and hope that Mariah Carey, Kate Winslet, Oprah and Harrison ford all come to tea one day. If you have, like, gazillion dollars.

Bora Bora? Yes, yes. Over-the-water bungalows on this French Polynesian island offer nothing but privacy and comfort, which keeps starts like Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, Rob Lowe and the Kardashians coming back for more.