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Climb On The Travel Tips Express: Train Travel

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Planning on boarding the choo-choo to reach your vacation destination? It may sound strange in 2014, but some people do prefer travelling by train than by plane or car.

Although it takes much longer, it can be more fun, if you plan well, that is. It all may sound easy, but experienced train travelers can tell you it takes work to have an accommodating train adventure. If you’re the type of person that plans planning, take a look at our few tips for your upcoming rail travel.

Have toiletries with you at all times. We’re not saying the train is going to be awfully dirty, but let’s get serious here, a lot of people touched the surfaces you’re going to touch.

You should sanitize your hands at least once an hour. Also, bring your own toilet paper, it’s much safer.

The next best thing to actually showering is using wet wipes; sorry, it sucks, but it’s better than the alternative.

Even though some trains do have dining cars, it’s better to pack some snacks just in case. The food on the train usually isn’t that good or it will cost you the same as the whole trip. Mind you, when we say snack we don’t mean junk food strictly.

Pack some healthy, light meals that will keep your energy level high because you’re going to need every ounce of your energy just to keep still and not go crazy (and murder your fellow passengers.)

If your rail adventure is going to take more than an overnighter, get a sleeper. You can strike a few comfy poses in coach, but not for more than one night. If you like your back just the way it is – painless, consider our advice. The extra cost will pay itself with the soothing lull of the train, while you stretch in comfort on the sleeper bed.

Finally, try to relax and enjoy the experience. Read a book if you don’t mind the slight rocking, take a walk in the hall to stretch your legs, enjoy the views and try to log out of your modern, stressful life.