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Colonial History And Nightlife In Boston


Photo credit: Depositphotos

When you say USA to a foreigner, he thinks New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. But let’s, just for a second, ignore the biggest metropolis attractions of the States and shift our focus to something with more history than any other part of the country. The first thing that comes to mind is Boston, and for a good reason.

Locals in Boston are very proud of their home city due to the strong link to the founding of the whole country and the history the city bears.

In case you’ve ever wanted to visit this place of immense colonial buildings and the overall feeling of greatness, here is an insight on how and what to do in Boston.

From Small To Big

Prices of accommodation in Boston can vary according to location and luxury. While some hostels go as low as $30 per night, the cheapest hotel offer you can find won’t be less than $100.

Same goes for eating. Restaurants in the States aren’t cheap, and the Boston follows suit.

Don’t be surprised if you’re receipt reads $20 for a meal, so be prepared to look for pizza and sandwich places where you can find food for $5-8.

So Many Things, So Little Time

One could say that you can’t completely know Boston no matter how much time you spend there. From the Freedom Trail to the Museum of Fine Art, there are various places all around the city that need to be seen.

For those more interested in the unusual, we can recommend having a pint at the famous Sam Adams Brewery or hanging out at Fanueil Hall, where you can shop, eat, drink, and simply have fun with your friends at one of many bars located there.