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Come And Go To Komodo: Top Things To Do


Photo credit: Depositphotos

This small archipelago in eastern Indonesia has a lot more to show than you originally thought. The Komodo Islands can offer a whole array of locations, nature’s wonders, relaxation spots, and activities. Not everything is revolved the magnificent lizards which were graced by the archipelago’s name.

The Komodo National Park

While you’re already vacation in Komodo, you might as well check out the Komodo dragons.

The best place to spot them is the Komodo National Pak, which offers three tracks you can follow (short, medium, and long) on your little exotic adventure.

The stunning park is completely untouched by civilization, and all of the animals roam and live free.

The Dragons are not fed by rangers, which means that they can see you as prey, so make sure that you have no contact with blood before you go there (as they’re incredibly sensible to blood smell).

The Pink Beach

Named for its stunning, dreamy pink sand, the Pink Beach is one of the prettiest places you’ll ever see in your lifetime. The unusual color of the sand is the result of a mix between the sand grains and red coral. The beach can be reached only by boat, and its clear waters are an awesome place for snorkeling.

Rinca Island

Another great place for spotting Komodo Dragons and for being one with the nature is definitely Rinca Island. You could say that Rinca offers all the best attractions of Komodo in one place, as it also has stunning riffs which are perfect for snorkeling. Blessed with spectacular views, Rinca is one of those places that will make you re-think your whole life.