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Destination Unknown: Tips For Spontaneous Travelling Part 1


Photo credit: Depositphotos

If you’re a kind of person that likes thinking out of the box, and doing things freely, spontaneous travelling might be the right kind of travel for you. However, there are a few things you must do even while you’re going with the flow, as traveling includes going into different countries, with different laws, climates, and cultures.

You don’t have to make strict plans (as you are being spontaneous, after all), but having a general idea will help you a lot. It will even make your tip feel more spontaneous as you won’t be restricted by all the things you didn’t do prior to the trip.


You have to be reasonably sure that you will be granted entry. You can’t be spontaneous somewhere if they won’t let you into the country, after all. Also, it’s good to have at least some idea of how long you will or can stay.

Pick A General Region

It would be absolutely wonderful to simply show up at an airport and go on the next flight to somewhere new.

Alas, last-minute flights can be immensely expensive, not to mention potentially useless if you don’t have the right visas for the area.

Therefore, pick a general region and book a fight that sounds good to you. You can also get a one-way ticket if you’re not so sure when you’re coming back.

The Costs

You have to figure out at least roughly how much money you expect to spend on your trip. Don’t forget to count in different kinds of activities (including partying and eating-out), and always have a bit more than you think you need just in case.

The Climate

Picking a general region and a timeframe for you trip is important for packing, too. You can’t show up in Tibet in flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt, after all.