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Downsides of Visiting Paris


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it’s at the top of many people’s wish lists of must-see destinations for all the good reasons. The architecture, culture and energy of Paris provide its visitors with an unforgettable experience and a desire to keep coming back for more.

However, there are different sides to Paris that tourists who are planning their first trip to the French capital should definitely know about.

Following is a summarized review of the not-so-fabulous sides of Paris.

Paris is Pricey

Be prepared to spend a lot of cash in Paris. From finding accommodation to paying for food or eating out, to catching a show or going shopping, Paris is more expensive than most cities in the US.

When it comes to accommodation, most 3-star hotels in Paris are so small you literally won’t be able to fit all of your luggage into the elevator, let alone unpack it in your room.

Consequently, staying in a 4-or a 5-star hotel will cost big bucks so if you want comfort and style, be prepared to foot a hefty bill.

Eating out on Champs-Élysées starts at around $120 per person around lunch time, and that doesn’t include drinks.

As you can imagine, having dinner along the most visited street in Paris can run up to $800-$1000 for a family of four.

When it comes to entertainment, most world-class shows start at $130 per person, which doesn’t include a meal and drinks. The full cabaret experience will cost you $200 per person and up, which is a lot more compared to most shows in Vegas, for instance.

Paris is Dirty

Paris is not the cleanest city around. You will be surprised to see piles of garbage along the streets of Paris and plastic bags flying around in the wind.

The residents of Paris are not particularly keen on picking up after their pets so watch where you step. Empty pizza boxes, beer bottles and cans, plastic bags and dog poop on the sidewalks are common sights in downtown Paris. Most hotels, restaurants, bars, venues and boutiques are spotless, but the streets are so dirty you’ll be left wondering if they even use trash cans in Paris.

If you live in the US and go visit Paris, you will be taken aback by many other negative aspects of this city that are rarely associated with it but are nevertheless very present. Notwithstanding the downsides of visiting Paris, there are so many upsides of the French capital that it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular destinations in the world.