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Enjoy Life And Peace In Aarhus


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Visiting exotic and crowded destinations can undoubtedly be fun and exciting, but not all of us are looking for more chaos in our lives. If you’re among those who wish to spend their vacation in a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing environment, here is a destination you’ll immediately fall in love with.

Aarhus is small college town located in western Denmark, and is dedicated to silence, peace and cheap prices. Look no further, because this town will soon become your favorite getaway spot!

Student-Grade Prices

Due to the fact that Aarhus is basically one giant campus, the prices here are affordable and adaptable to any budget.

Accommodation is fairly cheap in Aarhus, as you can find hostel dorms for about $30. Private rooms go for around $80, while hotel room prices start at about $70.

As for food, eating in a restaurant can easily cost you $9-14 for a cheap meal. However, this is a college town, which means there are a lot of cheap food places where you can eat for less than $4. Grocery shopping costs about $40 per week.

Universities, Museums, And LEGO’s

One might say there aren’t many things to do in Aarhus, but this Jutland province town is blooming with culture, art, and one of the world’s most famous toys.

The main attraction among people who visit Aarhus regularly are its parks.

Whether they’re right next to a university and serve as a place where students can study or it’s the Dyrehaven where you can see fallows, sika deers, and wild pigs, Aarhus’ parks are definitely something worth visiting.

There are also a lot of museums and theaters here. From the Helsongor Teater and Clausholm Manor to the Århus Art Museum, there are quite a few places like these that just might keep you occupied between silence sessions at the parks.

Finally, a must-see in Aarhus is “Legoland.” Over 40 million LEGO blocks in this structure depict various famous scenes from history, and they are found in Aarhus because LEGO actually originated here. Let’s face it – you can never be too old to play with LEGO’s.