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Europe’s Most Charming: Lisbon

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Lisbon is Portugal’s biggest city and its capital, and for good reason too. If we were to judge a country by its capital, Portugal would be the most popular country of them all. There are not many cities that have the charm, atmosphere, vibrancy, energy and pure love for life as Lisbon does.

Ah, the people of Lisbon. One would think that a nation with such history would go around and troll the world, but they don’t. It’s just not their thing.

Portugal was the first global empire, and the Portuguese nation has been around forever, but you can’t notice any signs of bragging in everyday conversations with them. They are chilled, welcoming, always ready to help but with a heavy dose of wit and irony.

There’s also a kind of melancholy floating on their face and it really works for them. These things were probably a way for them to cope with tough times, and boy, they had their share.

Another thing that makes Lisbon so cool is the amount of partying that goes on there. But it’s not the typical, night club type of partying. The city doesn’t have that many night clubs but it’s packed with bohemian bars that serve delicious innocent-looking cocktails that will floor you. And don’t even think about calling it a night before dawn.

The thing that makes Lisbon streets so unusual is the contemporary design and street art mixed with traditional, historic buildings. Who would have known that art with political messages makes a cathedral next door look even better? And on the contrary, there are some new, sharp designed buildings that are filled up with vintage designer pieces.

Lisbon is a contrasting city that loves to look good; even the pavement looks like a work of art! The intricately patterned cobblestones under your feet go great with ceramic tiles on the walls.If this city was a person, it would be on the best dressed list until the end of time.