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Experience The Oceanic Beauty Of Perth


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Most people go to Australia when they want to spend a vacation on the beautiful beaches while also being a part of the busy and modern surroundings. There are many locations in the country that offer this experience, but one stands above all the rest – Perth.

The beauty of this XIX century city doesn’t only come from the fact that it’s seated right on the ocean, but also because it’s an ever-growing activity hub.

The Hidden Gem

Perth doesn’t have nearly as many visitors as Sidney or Melbourne due to the fact that it’s not a part of the countries East Coast main attractions.

Nonetheless, Perth is certainly a place worth visiting.

Finding accommodation in this city comes at a fair price. Hostel dorm rooms cost around 20 AUD, while hotel rooms start at about 90 AUD.

Food is similarly priced here, as you can find street foods for a price of 5-10 AUD, as well as nice restaurant meals which don’t cost less than 27 AUD. Buying groceries for a week will cost you around 100 AUD.

Where Modern Meets Rustic

Even though it’s far from being the most visited place in Australia, Perth has a lot of things that will amaze you.
Despite the fact that Perth – like all other cities in the country – is about 200 years old, it still has a certain historic and rustic feeling to it. Just check out the Perth Royal Mint to see how this mining town became what it is today.

Furthermore, one should definitely visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia, as well as Perth’s Cultural Center, for a truly immersive insight into this city’s history.

But if you’re going there for the summer vacation, you have to make sure you check out Cottesloe, City, and Trigg beaches. At least one of these will suit your preferences, whether you like sunbathing, surfing, or getting wasted on the weekends.