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Exploring The Illegal Underground Swimming Pools In Paris


Photo credit: Depositphotos

What would it take for you to engage in illegal activity in a foreign country? At 100 degrees in Paris this July, maybe a trip down the French capital’s catacombs for a dip in one of the underground pools doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Well, from the perspective of the French laws, it does, as it is illegal, but from the perspective of curious explorers looking for a way to cool down and dig deep into the underworld of Paris, it sounds like an idea that’s more popular than ever in the “boiling” City of Light.

Crystal clear waters of these pools have long attracted Parisians, adventurous residents, and their friends despite the fact that underground activity is illegal in Paris.

However, with a large number of entrances all over the city and for the lack of a better idea to cool down, a flock of visitors are also among those breaking the law and catching a glimpse of the underground Paris.

If you happen to be in Paris this summer, be sure to check out the underground swimming pools, provided you are feeling mischievous and insanely hot. It will sure make for an unforgettable experience.