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Find Dance And History In Colombia


Photo credit: Depositphotos

In movies, Colombia is usually a place where all the kidnappings and drug deals happen. But in reality, it’s a place of stunning beaches, amazing food, and great nightlife which also boasts a large number of museums and archaeological sites.

Before turning away from a trip to the wonderful country of Colombia, take a look at all the possibilities that await you there.

Happy Budget, Happy Trip

One of the biggest attractions in Colombia, aside from its beaches and historical heritage, are its prices.

For example, a night in a hostel room will cost you from $15-20, while the price of a hotel room goes for about $50 per night.

If there is one thing you won’t have to worry about, it’s food.

From locals preparing lunches for $3 – yes, you read that right – to the $7 western cuisine, Colombia is a place where both you and your wallet can come to relax.

A Country Full Of Wonders

You can start things off by visiting Colombia’s capital, Bogota. This city is a real blend of old and modern with skyscrapers and café-packed plazas mixing it up everywhere.

Bogota is home to many museums, like the Museo del Oro, which sports the world’s largest collections of gold. In the evening, you’ll be crazy not to check out some of Bogota’s most popular clubs for a taste of a wild nightlife.

Another place of note in Colombia is Isla Gorgona, a former prison island turned national park. It lies 30 miles off the Pacific coast and it features wildlife on both land and sea.

Finally, you should check out Medellin. It’s the second largest city in Colombia and is considered by many as the most beautiful place in South America. Make sure not to miss the Flower Festival there and also try some of the most authentic salsa on the planet.