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From Siberia With Love: What To Do, What To See

Or even better said, “to Siberia with love?” Even though you may think that there’s absolutely nothing to see in Siberia and that it’s a wasteland, remember what your mother told you: don’t judge a book by its cover.

Siberia is filled with pale pastures, snow-covered hills, amazing wildlife and mesmerizing scenery. When you feel the need to break free into the unknown, consider Siberia. Don’t be surprised when you find out that it’s packed with life.

Take A Trans-Siberian Railway Trip


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This 7-day railway trip spans through seven time zones from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Pacific, although you it can last longer if you make stops at some must-see places.

Don’t forget to check out the 18th century European-style city of St. Petersburg and Irkutsk town.

Even the train stations are a must-see on their own; they are amazing pieces of architecture, made of marble.

The Nature


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Siberia is so vast you will forget where exactly on Earth are you located. Lake Baikal in south-east Siberia holds one-fifth of Earth’s unfrozen freshwater, and it’s 25 million years old, thus making it the planet’s oldest lake!

Stolby National Park offers plenty of hiking opportunities, while the Golden Mountains of Altai, home to snow leopards and other endangered animals, are yet another of Siberia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Altai Mountains are also the hot spot where Russian, Chinese and Mongolian cultures meet.

The Culture


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Taltsy Museum is home to many wooden forts, homes and chapels from the 17th century. The Omsk Drama Theater offers not only great performances but also the beautiful and intricate architecture.

The Novosibirsk’s State Academy Opera and Ballet Theater puts on rich productions of classics, while the Krasnoyarsk Regional Studies Museum hosts exhibits dedicated to local animals, ancient Siberians and Russia’s rich history.

Explore Even More


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If you want to find out even more about Siberia and Russia in general, you can go on special excursions that will give you insight into the variety of the Siberian culture and show you places like the fishing village of Baikalskoye on Lake Baikal, which offers a picturesque view of a fisherman’s life in this Siberian town’s quiet streets.

If you’re interested in religion, you can check out the Buddhist monastery of Ivolginsky Datsan, where you can explore colorful, incense-filled temples.