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Fun Under The American Sun: Palm Springs

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Photo credit: Depositphotos

We bet you never met a person who didn’t think that Palm Springs was at least OK. The majority of people don’t share opinions on many things, but they do on one thing, for certain, and that’s the opinion that Palm Springs is just awesome!

Why is that, you ask? Here are a few reasons (which don’t have anything to do with Coachella or art).

It’s modern all the way, baby

Palm Spring is the modernist Mecca, period.

Not only that, but its level of maintenance is just astonishing.

Preservationists had a problem doing their job in the last few years, due to the bad economy situation, but it seems that their colleagues in Palm Springs didn’t.

All of the buildings are either preserved or retooled for contemporary use.

Soak up the sun

Like the deep words of the contemporary poet called Nelly say, it’s gettin’ hot in here so take off all your clothes. The sizzling temperatures will get you in the summer mood, and that includes doing whatever, whenever you want (which you can, ‘cause it’s Palm Springs, duuh.)

Everyone’s welcome

Straight, gay, black, white, purple with green polka dots… Palm Springs is a place where everyone is welcome and where no one judges anyone. The care-free way of Palm Springs doesn’t include only partying and enjoying the sun, but also the overall friendliness and sense of belonging.

The nature. Kind of.

Palm Springs sits in a valley, so everywhere you look you see a majestic, awesome scenery. And although the desert can be quite rough, if you plan well, you can have an awesome time exploring it.