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Get Back To College Days In Galway


Photo credit: Depositphotos

When you’re planning a trip that will take you to the wildest parties and the most crowded places, your goal is probably reminding yourself of youthful days, when the only thing you really cared about is having fun.

Most people would pick exotic beaches and busy cities in order to fulfill this goal, but there is another, much more subtle place that will make you recall your college days – Galway.

The Beer Coast

Galway is located on Ireland’s west coast. It’s a small city, yet a place where history, castles, pubs, and colleges meet.

This college town does exactly what it was designed for – catering to students.

Even though it’s been a tourist attraction for some time now, accommodation and food prices in Galway range from ultra-cheap to mildly expensive.

You can find hostel dorms and private rooms for anywhere from $25-90, while grabbing a bite to eat can cost you from $5-25.

An Historical Amusement Park

One of the best traits of Galway is its preserved ambient. The town still smells like the past, which you can experience by visiting Glengowla mines, the Galway Cathedral, or the St. Nicholas’ Collegiate church, which was founded in 1320.

On the other hand, you can check out some of Galway’s most popular pubs. It’s hard to tell which ones are more visited than others, since everyone who lives in this college town spends most of their time in all of them. Whichever pub you opt out for, you won’t do wrong.

The booze is authentic, the food is hearty and affordable, and the atmosphere is always lively and noisy. If you want to have a true taste of Ireland, then Galway is a place you surely must visit.