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Going To Athens? – Make The Most Of It (Day 1)


Photo credit: Depositphotos

If you are lucky enough to get to go and explore this amazing Greek city, but your stay is limited to only a few days, you need to make the most of your short time in this stunning destination.

Exploring the Local Area

When it comes to your first day, your time may be limited depending on what time you arrive, so we suggest you stick to more local sights.

Head downtown to Sintagma Square, a must-see and a great place to start. Beautiful historic buildings will dazzle you as you go exploring the “museums in motion”.

If you decide to go to Kolonaki, you will be able to do some browsing at the numerous shops, but beware of the possible shopping sprees, it is easy to get carried away. You can make a stop at one of the local cafés or restaurants for a refreshing glass of kitron and a delicious mezé.

Letting tour Hair Down

When the evening hits, make sure you explore the exciting nightlife of Athens. You will find an array of clubs and bars that will for sure let you unwind and really paint the town red. Lively nightclubs are hugely popular. “Loud Mansion” is an exciting place that will provide you with some pulsing music and electrifying atmosphere until the early hours.

Psyri” is another place to go to for some raucous partying. Known as the “nightlife district of Athens”, Psyri provides plenty of options for a wide variety of tastes and preferences. You can’t go wrong, but be careful – save some energy for the adventures that await the next day.