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Granada – Venture Into The Heart Of Spain


Photo credit: Depositphotos

We’ll admit that Spain is not the first country that comes to mind when someone says ‘budget travel.’ However, once you look past the most popular cities, like Madrid and Barcelona, you’ll be able to find Granada – a place where rich history and countless scenic roads can coexist with pretty cheap prices.

The Budget State Of Mind

Many things separate Granada from other Spanish cities, but before we get to all that, the first thing that stands out are definitely the prices.

While looking for good accommodation, you’ll stumble upon many offers.

Some include 13-20 EUR hostel dorm rooms, others will let you have a 30-50 EUR private room, while you might also encounter hotel rooms that cost anywhere from 35-70 EUR.

Rooms in Granada are cheap, and the food follows suit. From 6-13 EUR street foods to 24 EUR restaurant meals, you’ll be able to find options that can suit any budget. Buying your own groceries will cost you about 36 EUR per week.

Get Hooked On The Hookah

Unlike the rest of the country, Granada still nourishes its Moorish roots, which means you shouldn’t be surprised if you smell couscous, hookahs, and incense almost all the time.

As we said, this city is basically a giant prized historical site. There are many places which you should definitely check out in Granada, such as the Alhambra Palace, Mirador de San Nicolas, and the Granada Cathedral.

Those who wish to immerse themselves even further should visit one of many hammams. These Arab bathhouses are one of the most enjoyable places where you can cool off and relax.

Granada doesn’t miss out on that Hispanic spark, as there are many Flamenco shows throughout the year. Not only are they the perfect representation of Spain’s culture, but also have very affordable entry fees.