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Have A Surf In The Sun At The Gold Coast


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Australia can either be utterly delightful or a truly unforgiving place. But instead of telling you about all the reasons to avoid this country, we’re going to focus on the former. In that name, we present to you the Gold Coast.

A Haven For Your Wallet

The Gold Coast is the area east of Brisbane loaded with relaxation and adventures opportunities.

Before we even get to where and why, here is some info on how much staying here might cost you.

For starters, accommodation shouldn’t be a problem even for budget travelers. Dorms go for 25 AUD, while private rooms and hotel suites cost around 40 and 80 AUD, respectively.

As far as dinning goes, the story doesn’t change much. Restaurant meals go for around 35 AUD, and if you’re planning to cook your own food for a week, be ready to spend anywhere from 95-110 AUD on groceries.

Party On, Bro!

Everyone who ever visited Australia knows that there are more places for surfing here than there are for filling up the gas tank of your car. But if this activity had a center in this country, it would definitely be the Gold Coast.

With more than 70 km of fantastic beaches, the Gold Coast is more than equipped not only for surfing, but also whale watching and scuba diving. If you really, really want to surf, make sure to check out the city of Surfer’s Paradise.

If you’re not surfing, partying or shopping in Surfer’s Paradise, you might as well check out some of Gold Coast’s many stunning landscape sites. The best place to do this is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – 65 acres of land packed with aviaries, reptiles, and open displays.