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Hello Haiti


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Despite many tragedies that hit this small Caribbean nation during its turbulent past, Haiti stoically continues to shock and awe. Huge lush mountains, white sandy beaches, pristine waters and welcoming African temperament will make your visit to this country amazing and unforgettable.

Haiti shares this mesmerizing island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, and two countries provide all the hallmarks of the Caribbean you need.

The country also occupies small satellite islands known for their popularity among the tourists: Ile-a-Vache (Cow Island), Port Morgan and Abaka Bay resorts.

Even though decades of political instability and a series of natural disasters devastated Haiti’s tourist industry, its tropical climate, stunning beaches and vertiginous mountain ranges beckon many tourists on a daily basis.

New hotels are opening all the time in Port au Prince, and alongside numerous tourism development projects which are underway across the island, tourists have plenty of resorts to choose from.

Alluring History & Culture

Besides the breath-taking nature, Haiti’s unique history and culture is also the selling proposition of this exotic Caribbean destination. Make sure you check put its vibrant art scene, taste the irresistible fusion cuisine and experience their one of a kind blend of African, European and Caribbean beats in at least one of the many lively bars and clubs which make Haiti’s nightlife unforgettable.

Don’t forget to explore Citadelle Laferriére, built by Henri Christophe, the self-proclaimed king of the north. This UNESCO fortress is one of the largest citadels in this part of the globe. The structure resides at the very top of a mountain so steep they call it the Bonnet l’Eveque (bishop’s hat), and below it lie the ruins of King Henri’s palace called San Souci, designed as a Versailles of the Caribbean.

Haiti awaits.