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Here’s Why Airplane Windows Are Round!


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Have you ever wondered why airplane windows are round?

There is plenty of scientific peculiarities that go into making and flying an airplane, and the slightly older generation probably remembers the time when aircraft windows were square-shaped.

The change occurred when technology advanced insofar as to allow airplanes to travel longer distances at higher altitudes, which led to the pressure difference between the cabin and outside air to increase as well.

Such an increase caused slight expansion of the aircraft, which in turn resulted in more stress or tension on the plane, and that’s not good.

The tension created by the pressure difference threatened to crack the windows, thus their shape was changed to round to prevent this from occurring.

There is no reason to worry as scientific progress is constantly being applied to increase the safety and comfort of all passengers, but it’s engaging to follow developments in this field and have a little more understanding of how aircrafts operate.