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Hey Budapest, You Sure Are Stunning Part 1


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Budapest has been repeatedly named one of the most beautiful cities, not only in Europe, but in the whole world. Everything about the Hungarian capital is stunning – the atmosphere, the architecture, the parks and bridges…

If you decided on taking a trip to Budapest you will be making one of the best decisions in your life, but prepare your skin because there’s going to be a lot of pinching going on. You won’t believe your eyes!

The Turkish Baths

Care for a dip? A visit to the thermal baths is a must, and some even say a quintessential Budapest experience. The baths are one of the last remnants of the Turkish influence in Hungary.

The most grandiose of all are the Szécheny Baths, whose thermal, healing waters of outdoor pools attract a tone of people.

A Danube River Cruise

When in Budapest, don’t even think about leaving before taking a Danube cruise.

As Europe’s most lavish river, the Danube flows proudly through the city making the scenery even more majestic.

Although Budapest is absolutely beautiful by day, it possibly cannot compare to itself at night, when the buildings lining the banks of the Danube twinkle and reflect on the dark waters.

Walk Across The Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge was the first bridge to permanently connect Buda and Pest and was completed in 1849. At the time, it was considered to be one of the wonders of the world and the architect was so immensely proud of his work that he challenged anyone to find fault with the bridge.

Allegedly, it was discovered that the lions that stand guard at either end are missing their tongues and the architect committed suicide.

Wine Tasting

Don’t make fun of Hungarian wine, not even once. You can spend a great day at Faust Wine Cellar, where you can enrich your understanding of Hungarian wine.

The Wine Cellar is part of a vast labyrinth system winding beneath Buda Castle and it’s regularly supplied with the best wine from Hungary’s 22 wine regions. The cellar is a truly relaxed and romantic setting.

Caving Beneath Budapest

If you’re more of an adventure type, caving beneath Budapest is the activity for you. The rushing thermal waters formed a huge cave system, which is thought to be more than 100 kilometers long. The longest cave of Hungary is the Mátyás-hegyi cave in the Pál-völgyi cave system.

The cave tour lasts for a couple of hours and is lead by a caving guide. This is definitely not for the faint of heart nor the claustrophobic folk.