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Hidden Charges When Traveling By Plane


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One of the most annoying things when taking a trip somewhere are unforeseen airline and airport costs. You take the time to plan the entire trip, save the money, buy your tickets, and then you are hit with various taxes, fees and other mumbo-jumbo costs that put a damper on your day.

Some of the additional costs cannot be avoided, but just the mere fact that you can calculate them in your total that you plan to spend on the trip helps.

Hidden Baggage Fee

Some airlines will charge for your first baggage, meaning you can only take your carry-on free of charge. This is a hidden cost because it may not apply to all flights and it may not apply to all countries.

Sometimes, you’ll fly Air Canada, for instance, to Europe, and you won’t have to pay for your first piece of luggage, but if you fly Air Canada from the US to Canada, you will. So, before booking a flight, double-check to see if your airline charges for baggage for your particular destination.

Hidden Carry-On Fee

At some airports in North America, you may have to pay to bring your purse or a backpack on board a plane.

This fee is the latest addition to the list of the not-so-amusing ways an airport or airline can ruin your trip.

One way you may have to pay for your carry-on is if the airline considers that a special service and charges for it.

Another way you may have to pay is if the total weight of all the luggage you are bringing on-board a plane is over the proposed limit.

For instance, if the limit is 50 lb for the first piece of luggage, your luggage weighs 45 lb and your carry-on weigh more that 5 pounds, you will be charged for the extra weight even though the weight of the carry-on is not supposed to be added to the weight of your first piece of luggage.

Throwaway Ticketing

If you only need a one-way ticket to your destination, keep in mind it may be more expensive than a two-way ticket, so buying a two-way ticket and only using half of it makes more financial sense. This is a somewhat bizarre airline practice that one ticket in one direction would be more expensive than two tickets, but it’s become so common that frequent traveller have completely gotten used to it.

Being able to avoid some of the hidden airline and airport fees would be nice, but in cases that’s not possible, just knowing about them can make you feel better.