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How To Avoid Paying A Fortune On Airport Parking


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We are all tired of spending substantial amounts of money on taking a cab to the airport, as well as overpaying for expensive airport parking lots. Here are some useful tips on how to save that extra dime by making some pre-flight arrangements. The extra cash will certainly come in handy during your holiday.

Online Pre-booking

Make sure you go online and check out all the options at the airport before your trip.

Not only can this save you some money, it can also save you some precious time.

You will also feel stress-free as you won’t have to make some rash, on-the-spot decisions.

Airport Hotel Parking

If you happen to have a flight at an inconvenient time or your house is too far from the airport to drive, it might be wise to use the airport hotel parking.

On-site/Off-site Parking

If you have already decided to park your car at the airport, it is important to take into consideration the parking lot distance from the airport, aside from the price itself.

Oftentimes, “on-site” parking locations will turn out to be not so on-site, with shuttles taking you to and from the airport. In these cases, it is best to park off-site, on the closest independent parking lot.