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How To Feel Comfortable And Stay Relaxed On A Plane


Photo credit: Depositphotos

It doesn’t matter whether it is economy or business, long haul or short haul, or how much of a daredevil you are, we all sometimes get nervous and feel uncomfortable while flying. Here we have some tips on how to make your flight pleasant.

Wearing Comfortable Clothes Goes a Long Way

Total comfort is more achievable if you wear a tracksuit or sportswear, and avoid wearing jeans or tight clothing which restricts your movement.

Make sure you wear layers which you can remove or add them back if the temperature goes up and down.

Also, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and a pair of soft socks.

No Room for Fear

It is perfectly natural to have a fear of flying, however, it crucial to know that it is highly unlikely that your plane will crash. The statistics are on your side as it is confirmed that 114 people die in car crashes every day on average, while only 92 people die in plane accidents every year.

Entertainment Thyself

Make sure you bring along a fully charged mobile phone, tablet, iPad, etc. It is always an excellent idea to bring a book and be one of the few cool people on the plane.

If you are not traveling alone, bring some board games or a deck of cards. If you are traveling for work, on the other hand, do some work on your computer and get ahead.