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How To Organize A Full-On Adventure Vacation (Part 2)


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Adventure travel is quite a relative notion, as for some it means backpacking through wild terrains and jungles, while for others it can easily be partying on sandy beaches all day/night long. So, regardless of how you define adventure travel, there are certain things everyone needs to consider.

In the previous article we’ve covered Picking the right Destination, Setting a Budget and Search for Adventure Travel Guide Services sections, now we’re focusing on something a bit different.

Evaluating your Travel Guide’s Skills

Make sure you do a background check on your travel guide, should you decide to have one in the first place.

Inquire about the safety levels, find out if the service conducts trips to this locale and if any injuries or fatalities ever happened. If they have – how were they dealt with?

Don’t hesitate to look up your potential guide’s name and search for his reviews online. Your safety is at stake, after all.


Be sure to glean detailed information about what exactly your package includes, as some relevant items may not be covered. Ask about the travel costs, lodging and meals, travel and trip cancellation insurance, special gear needed, etc. Request a packing list, so you can be sure to bring all necessary equipment, tools and clothing.

The travel guide service is also obligated to provide you with the general info and advice about visa, passport and immunization requirements for your traveling destination.

If everything checks out and you end up having a blast with no issues whatsoever, don’t forget about a small gift of appreciation for the guides.

And don’t forget – it’s all about adventure!