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How To Overcome Your Flight Phobia


Photo credit: Depositphotos

When you have the need to travel the world to visit and experience as many different places as possible, you’ll want to get there as fast as possible. And while transportation isn’t a problem for most people, it can be if you have a fear of flying.

Having a flight phobia is not to be messed with, as it can ruin the trip for both the person who’s experiencing it and those around. In case you have the bad luck of having a fear of flying, here are a couple of tips that might help you work your way around it and actually enjoy traveling by plane.

The Core Problem

First off, you need to realize that having a flight phobia doesn’t actually mean that you’re scared of flying.

In fact, you’re scared of a bunch of other things, which are all augmented once you’re on a plane.

More often than not, people with a flight phobia actually have a fear of crashing or being trapped, while others suffer panic attacks or claustrophobia.

These are the things you’re actually scared of, so once you realize that, your fear of flying will be twice as easy to overcome.

Try to establish what’s actually preventing you from enjoying your trip on a plane. If it’s the fact that you’re stuck on it during a long trip, you might be claustrophobic, or if you can’t stop picturing the moments before your plane falls into the ground, you probably have a fear of crashing.

Stop Fighting And Confront Your Fear

In any case, it’s not flying you fear, but something else. Once you’ve determined what’s causing your jitters, it’s time to do something about it.

The key to overcoming these fears is to get rid of the burden of anticipation before the flight and to confront this event like it’s going to the grocery store.

Don’t avoid flying, as it will increase your fear each time you find an excuse to skip on flying. Instead of fighting against it, work with your fear and prove to yourself that there’s nothing scary about flying. After all, statistics show that flying is the fastest form of transport.