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Hurricane-Proof Hot Spots For A Totally Dry Vacation Part 1


Photo credit: Depositphotos

Did you plan an awesome vacation only to realize that your destination of choice is going to get hit by a hurricane?

Naturally, you cancel your vacation with hope that you’ll get at least some of your money back and that the locals don’t get hurt. Hurricanes shouldn’t be taken lightly, but as you plan your next trip, we advise you check out some of these places instead that surely won’t have a hurricane alert any time soon.

Las Vegas

Let’s start off with the most obvious one. There’s no need for worrying about hurricanes in Nevada, as this region is one of the driest places on Earth.

Sure, it has occasional thunderstorms due to high desert temperatures, but it’s not prone to weather circumstances such as the above mentioned.

Just don’t gamble too much money because you don’t have to gamble with the weather.

Lake Tahoe

The cold waters along the California coast ensure that hurricanes almost never hit the Sunny State, especially not the northern part of the region. And as Lake Tahoe is safely located just in that area, there will be no hurricane alarm going off soon.


The City of Lights is definitely hurricane-free, as one of its most famous features is its geographical position. The capital of France is an inland city, which ensures that you won’t get blown away while on your romantic endeavor.

Napa Valley

Much like Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley is located in the northern part of California. Sip your wine and relax, without constantly being overwhelmed with the possibility of a hurricane hitting you.