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Is Volunteering The Future Of Travel?


Photo credit: Depositphotos

We can’t argue with the fact that most of us would go on a trip or vacation just that we could rest, relax, and enjoy a week or two of being care-free.

However, those who travel for pleasure a lot tend to find relaxing dull after some time. Mix that with the global economy crisis, and you have volunteering as one of the most popular modes of traveling. In that name, here a few reasons why international volunteering is awesome.

Experience Your Destination From Within

Many people who travel to exotic and culturally-rich countries will more often than not visit museums, theaters, and monuments and go sightseeing.

While paying for a tour that will take you around the city and show you its wonders is fine, volunteering can actually do more for you.

There’s no better way of getting to know a country than by immersing yourself into its society and everyday life.

Volunteering and traveling can give you that feeling of being a part of a foreign country, and once you start getting invited into people’s homes, you’re basically that country’s citizen.

Another great reason for international volunteering, as far as the social aspects are considered, is making new friends. Once again, seeing how the locals are living and what their lives consist of will give you a much deeper experience of your destination than any sightseeing tour.

Improving Yourself

The final two reasons for volunteering while traveling are something you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life.

First off is work experience. We can’t explain how awesome and beneficial it is to enrich your resume with a foreign country job. This basically shows how open-minded and adaptable you are, and employers value these qualities.

Last, but not least, is learning a foreign language. Sure, handy guides and courses can give you a nice start, but spending your time around native speakers is what really teaches you a language. Once you start understanding slang, you’ll know that you’re virtually a fluent speaker.