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Ivory Coast? Definitely!

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

The Illuminati got nothing on this! Cote d’Ivorie is one of the best kept secrets in the world. It has the most beautiful scenery, beaches, people, architecture and natural settings, but somehow its tourism never really bloomed, which is a shame for the country but great for those travelers who “like to keep it real.”

Abidjan, the biggest city in the Republic of Cote d’Ivorie is packed with historical French-style buildings which give the city a dose of romantic charm and je ne sais quoi. If you’re looking for a place that’s going to charge your batteries, overwhelm you with a positive attitude, enrich your view on art and life in general, consider this your home away from home.

Ivory Coast is one of the most welcoming and enjoyable countries in Africa.

The country is surrounded by Liberia, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Ghana. Its southern boundary is along the Gulf of Guinea, and that’s where all of the heavenly beaches can be found. The official language is still French, but many indigenous local languages are widely used. Nonetheless, a lot of people speak at least a bit of English so you’ll get around.

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

It may be difficult to choose which sight to see first, because there are so many! If you find yourself in Yamoussoukro, be sure to check out the largest Christian church in the area, Our Lady of Peace, which was actually consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1990. It’s 489 feet high and its dome sits high above the city, and the pillars of the church are an architectural visual wonder.

If you’re in the mood, however, for some nature, visit Comoë National Park.

It’s located in the northeastern area of the Ivory Coast and it has a large diversity of shrubs and rainforest plants.

Already mentioned, Abidjan is a modern city with a reminiscent French vibe, due to the colonization and French rule over the land in history.

It has really nice hotels, and the city is near the ocean, so there’s no chance you’ll miss anything out. The cuisine is mostly based on fish and vegetables, but there are also influences from the surrounding countries. Also, if you want fast food you can get it easily.

Basically, the Ivory Coast offers something for everyone. After feasting in one of the wonderful restaurants or eating at open markets which offer budget prices meals, it would probably be a good idea to lounge for a couple of hours on one of the most exquisite beaches that the country has to offer, like the Assini Beach for example.

Let our mind relax and experience true tranquility, enjoy the sunset, check out some lobster and beer bars, sip wine and just think positive.