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Journeyman’s Challenge – Ukraine


Photo credit: Depositphotos

We’re back with yet another destination that isn’t as easy to reach or stay at as most popular vacation places in the world. Last time, we gave our readers a better insight on how hard traveling to Vietnam can be, and now, we’re going to talk about the wonderful, yet unforgiving Ukraine.

Financially Undemanding

There’s no wiggle room when it comes to prices in Ukraine. Most things are cheap, especially when compared to USA standards, but that doesn’t necessarily make it an easy place to visit.

Accommodation comes at a pretty low price – from $5-10 dorm rooms to $15 double hotel rooms in Kiev, you’ll be able to find a place to stay no matter how big or small your budget is.

To top it all off, food in Ukraine is ridiculously cheap. A decent local meal goes for no more than $4, while dining at a fine restaurant can cost you from $15 up.

On The Other Hand…

Prices are pretty much the only thing that comes easy in Ukraine. Once you realize that almost nobody speaks English here, you’ll find out just how hard getting around can be if you’re a tourist in this ex-Soviet country.

However, if you manage to find your way here, you’ll be able to see many amazing sites and landmarks. First off we have Kiev, the country’s capital, which is packed with art, stunning architecture, the Kiev Opera House, the Ivan Franko Theater, and many, many more interesting things.

Once you’re outside of the capital, you should check out the Carpathian Mountains. These towering giants earned the title of the most popular destination in the country thanks to their forests, villages, meadows, and hiking trails.

To unwind and relax, make sure to visit the Akadia beach. Located at the Black Sea shores in Odessa, this beach is the perfect place to see the ocean and check out the local clubs and nightlife.