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Just Right: How To Choose The Right Accommodation Part 2


Photo credit: Depositphotos

When you’re planning a trip, it’s equally important to choose the right accommodation as it is to choose the right location for you. This can be a little tricky, but we’ve got you covered with these essential steps towards picking the perfect roof over your travelling head.

Decide On A Budget

By creating a budget, you can choose an accommodation easier because you know how much money you can and want to spend during your stay. Don’t forget to count in extra transportation costs.

Know The Difference

It’s important to know which options you have, and thus, which type of accommodation will suit you the best. This choice is also tied to your budget and the various services that different lodgings have to offer.

You can choose from hotels, hostels, inns (bread and breakfasts), rental apartments (or villas), bungalows, camping areas, etc.

Hotels are the most common, and usually the dominating ones when it comes to accommodation services.

They are usually at least a bit more expensive than other types of lodgings because they offer various services that are supposed to make your stay easier and more enjoyable.

Hostels are famously cheap because they don’t offer many services, and they’re usually the perfect choice for backpackers and young people. Inns and similar accommodations are similar to hotels, but they’re a lot smaller and they’re usually located at remote country locations.

They’re perfect for overnight stays to help you get your energy back up, and they can also be pretty cheap. Camping areas are the cheapest accommodation anywhere you go, and some campsites even offer the possibility of renting camping equipment.

Rental apartments and villas are great for longer vacations and business trips, when you want to have a private place just for you. They can also sometimes be a cheaper option than hotels, especially if you’re planning on staying for a couple of weeks.

Be A Bit Flexible With Your Criteria

If you found a place that seems perfect for your trip, but it has only one thing missing, think really well whether you can budge your criteria a bit. However, if the thing isn’t something you can live without than don’t settle. After all, it’s your money that you’re spending.