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The World’s Highest Ferris Wheel Opens in Vegas

Las Vegas lays claim to some of the most entertaining and controversial shows, bars and gambling opportunities in the world. These attractions make Sin City the perfect destinations for young adults, but they also tend to drive away family vacationers. This lack of family-friendly appeal is changing however, with attractions such as M&M’s World and the Adventuredome proving increasingly popular among younger visitors. In addition to these attractions, Vegas now boasts High Roller, the world’s highest Ferris wheel. This ride is sure to appeal to visitors of all ages, but it should be most successful at keeping youngsters entertained.

 Photo credit:  / Depositphotos

Photo credit: / Depositphotos

The High Roller required three extensive years of planning and construction before it finally opened on March 31st, 2014. The finished product is an astonishing five hundred feet tall — a full nine feet higher than the Singapore Flyer, which held the record for tallest Ferris wheel between 2008 and 2014. The High Roller’s impressive size allows for an even more impressive carrying capacity; the Ferris wheel boasts a total of 28 cars, each able to carry as many as 40 passengers. Thus, the entire ride is capable of carrying up to 1,120 passengers at one time.

 Photo credit: kennejima  / Flickr

Photo credit: kennejima / Flickr

Unfortunately for visitors, enjoying the spectacle of riding the world’s tallest Ferris wheel comes with a rather hefty cost attached. Original pricing estimations suggested that passengers would be able to enjoy the ride for under $20 each. This estimate continued to increase, with reports placing the cost at around $30 as of September, 2013. Now that the ride is open, passengers can ride during the day for $24.95 or at night for $34.95. Flex pass options are available for those hoping to enjoy the Ferris wheel several times over a three-day period. Although this may seem a high cost to pay for a ride on a Ferris wheel, given the size of the ride and the amazing views it allows, it’s no surprise that plenty of visitors are more than willing to pay full price.